The Men


 Birthday - Oct 16th - Libra

 Routines - Country, Construction Worker, Doctor, S.W.A.T

 Fav Music - Country, Hip Hop, Old School

 Turn Ons - Girls who take control

Born and raised in Ontario, Christopher started off as our local extremist, our young gun at 20 years old. Christopher is an extreme sport enthusiast, with his passion for adrenaline it wasn’t long before he was pushing the boundaries on stage.

Whether it his nonstop dancing off to the side of the stage or giving a table dance, your very own "Magic Mike" Christopher has gone  from our Young Gun to the one and only Country Boy.

With his sexual and seductive table dances or when you tip and become part of his show one thing is for sure...Christopher will leave you wanting more.


Call Us to Reserve Christopher - 905-357-0471



"The Kid"

Birthday – Sagittarius

Routines - Fire Breather, Lawyer, Nerd

Fav Music - Hip Hop/ Country and Rock

Turn Ons - Girls who wear glasses

Small town boy born in the heart of Manitoba from a town of 20 people, later resided in Eriksdale Manitoba where he worked on the farm. Then moved to Winnipeg where it all began! The Kid set his career in Winnipeg where he danced for a solid amount of years leading the roster in entertainment. Since then he has danced in many places in Canada. Loves to read and write. The Kid creates his own unique style shows that always are a crowd pleaser!



 Birthday - Gemini

 Routines - Nerd, Cop

 Fav Music - techno, hip-hop, R&B

 Turn Ons - Loyalty, sexy body

 Attributes - Toured U.S. with "GIRLS NIGHT OUT THE SHOW"

If you like muscles and tattoos then Dexter is for you, but don't let his appearance fool you. His muscular build is accompanied by a sweet and down to earth personality, along with some impressive dance moves. He has been dancing for 2 years and has traveled across the US dancing for girls all around north America, but Peppermints is where he calls home and can't wait to meet all of you ladies.


Call us to reserve Dexter - 905-357-0471



"The King" Josh

*Feature Entertainer*

 Birthday - Feb 4th - Aquarius

 Routines - Sgt, Bilco(Army), Pilot, Fireman, TopGun

Fav Music - House, Dance

 Turn Ons - Smile, Feet, Class

Attributes - 4x Mr. Nude Niagara, The Bench Mark and poster boy @ Peppermints, Seen in Playgirl Magazine, Runner-up *Mr. Nude Universe*

A Staple, Legend and Godfather in the business! Always a crowd favorite! One of the original members of MMR (Magic Male Review) and Bad Boys of Peppermints! Ladies you won't want to miss The King when he hits the stage.

Call us to reserve "The King" - 905-357-0471